New workshop – Prologue

I probed the building area a few days ago, digging down a little bit in the spots I thought the deck piers would go. In four or five of the nine spots, it was no big deal to dig down. Particularly to the rear of the property, that soil was loose. That’s also the high side, so I may dig down further and see if I can contact some firmer soil, or our famous clay. In the other holes, I dug up several larger stones and got them out of the way. If I’m honest, if I wanted to I could keep digging these things out, but I’m not planning to.

Mid-week or so (after my next paycheck), I’ll be headed to Lowe’s to pick up perhaps three of those deck piers and a bag or two of stone. I’ll do one row at a time and basically have them set to go. I’ll either set the high or low side up and work my way to having nine piers set in relative alignment. I will have to pick up a straight 2×8 to get the level sorted out as well, but I worry about picking it up too early and having it twist or bend on me. A hand tamper will also be purchased. I could easily see working on the foundation for about the next month or so when able to replace woodworking. Graduation is just over a month away and I don’t see anything major happening, just fitting things in to keep me sane.

You could sorta argue I’ve started. I did do a bit of digging. We’ll call it the prologue to the build. There will be a running cost calculation, and it will be compared in the end to what I estimate.

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