Next things next

Spending a little bit of time out in the shop today, not nearly as much as yesterday. It’s a bit of a fact-finding mission to see what else I’d like to do before the first major project of the year comes along. Perhaps even see what those major shop projects are for this year.

The biggest thing that needs to happen is my workbench needs to become clear again. The mallets I received for Christmas need to go up on the wall, somehow, somewhere.  There is also some dust collection stuff that should probably go in the bin until I figure out how to hook it back up to the table saw (the overarm component). Basically, all surfaces need to get clear again.

I accomplished a lot by getting all the clamps on the wall, I need to keep working on getting the floor clear. Some of that is cutoffs from the last few days, other is bigger scraps that need to finally be dealt with. I can’t put the miter saw up on the wall until I tackle the scrap.

As I’ve been doing a bit lately, I wrote the part above and went out to the shop. I got more work done on the bench. The mallets are all up on the wall, the dust collection stuff is in a bin underneath the MFT. The MFT is basically clear, as is the router table and table saw. Just some 2x4s are on the saw, and those are planned to go up in the ceiling to create the new light mounting points.

I moved a couple of systainers around. The OF1400 went to the router table, and the one that holds all the drills went under the MFT. The ones on the floor went into the syswall. My empty Sys III got all the safety gear put in it, which works for now. I got some things up in some storage above things, like above the clamps. Got the vac going and cleaned the floor up from all the little things left over from the last project or two.

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