On a Mission

Today was an all-timer day in the shop. I’m not measuring it in projects done, or accuracy, or anything like that. Just a few things that came together just when I needed it the most. Confidence has been low, and this went so far into bringing that back. I was able to put some nagging ‘junk’ away, at least temporarily. I took down the open cabinet that held automotive detailing items and moved that stuff to an outside cabinet near the cars. In it’s spot I moved the saw blade racks to the front wall near to where I will need them. The drill bits followed the drill press over to the front right corner, and the router cubby went back up on the wall, at least temporarily. There were other things that found a better home, such as all the router accessories going in a bucket until a permanent solution can be found. Dust accessories joined them.

I finally purchased a Oneway Wolverine to sharpen these HF chisels, and that allowed me to work on my lathe skills. I got the grinder and the Wolverine system mounted up and did a nice little sharpening job on the gouges. The bluing worries me though, I can’t reduce the speed and will probably have to invest in a 8″ slow speed grinder. It did a good enough job to allow me to finish turning round tenons to repair a stool. The stool repair didn’t go so well, but that’s another story. For temporary storage, I simply screwed the grinder base to the wall above the lathe until I think of something better.

Standing the saw up creates so much room that I forgot was possible. It really is a game-changer. I should be able to work with this space now, it will just depend how well my needs are met – do I have some of the nicer things or not. I’d like a full-size router table again, and a sharpening/sanding station, and 500 other things that would be really awesome. I’ll have to see what I have room for. I did see a pretty cool idea in a very old magazine for lathe storage.

Something I mentioned just yesterday (even though I posted it tonight) is my end vise. Well, at the end of the day I removed it from the bench and after about 45 minutes of trying to figure it out, I got it fixed and re-installed. That was a great way to end the day.

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