On the Horizon

Now that the gathering table project is complete, it’s time to turn attention to the future. I’ll be cleaning up the shop on a slow day and then I think about upcoming or proposed projects. I can’t say when or if these projects might come to fruition, but I can say they are on my radar.

The first thing I’d like to do, if possible, is finally attempt to revamp our master closet. With a weird cubby, it’s not exactly a straight-forward project, but it’s one I’ve wanted since we moved in over five years ago. I’d like a couple of levels of hanging rods, plus a few drawers, including one for my growing watch collection. It’s only a handful, but I could see myself having a dozen or so, and using a shallow drawer somewhere is a great choice. Otherwise, I need space for ties and other items.

I may first have to build a couple of dressers for my wife and myself. We are both using ancient units that are falling apart in their own special ways. They are fairly inadequate for clothes storage, especially for me. I own a ton of t-shirts. It would be nice to finally have something match in our bedroom that isn’t office furniture.  Our TV sits on her dresser, and we are planning on going with a flat-screen mounted to the wall, so that particular shape and size won’t be needed after that. Another bedroom project is to finally make a real wood king-sized bed frame. All of the design is undetermined.

There are some shop-related projects as well, but I’ll be fleshing some of those out in the next post that I’m working on, incorporating some things I learned during the last project.

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