Another thought I had regarding the planer was to put it on a flip panel with the opposite side being a portion of the miter saw fence. This would put the planer out of the way completely unless needed, and give me almost ten feet of a good working surface.

While this would seem like the ideal configuration on first glance, it could create a lot of issues. First is alignment of the fence and planer, as well as fence and fence. Also, the planer would still have to slide forward in some manner to be useful. That means I either have to laterally elongate the pivot point, or make the whole assembly a mobile cart. I don’t like the former because of structural and alignment issues (nearly eight inches of travel would be necessary) and I really don’t like the latter because it would introduce all sorts of clearance issues with casters, knobs, etc. While the miter fence could simply span the gap and be permanent where the cart would go, I would still have to deal with clearance issues and the problems that would come with having a flip cart with a surface that’s three feet tall and has no counterbalance. With the Dewalt 735 weighing in at over 90lbs, almost 15 more than the Ryobi, this isn’t something I care to try. If I had a mortise machine that would go opposite, it might be worth exploring. But otherwise, I think my original idea of a sliding shelf would be my best choice.

What I especially like about this design is that I can move several components around under the counter, save for the hardware bins. There will be plenty of drawer or shelf space to store items that are currently stored on the wall or the wall cabinet – that’s most likely going to be repurposed into

I have to say though, when designing a project of your own like this that’s fairly large in scope and permanence in your shop, options like these are worth exploring in the design phase. The only thing it costs you is your time and patience, and a little bit of brain power.

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