Other shop goings on

Taking a short break from describing the now rather procedural task of gluing, clamping and repeating.

I had processed and glued enough boards for the workbench that it finally freed up my back bench for the planer cart to slide back into it’s slot. Clearing the surface also let me take my new mortiser out of the box and set it up for the first time. It went together fairly easily, and there was little cosmoline to clean off outside of the base. I assembled the machine itself, but I did not install any of the mortises. I simply wanted to get a sense of how big this machine was, and how heavy it was. My immediate thought is – where in the hell am I going to keep this? It’s huge. It looks great on my cabinet, but I’m worried that the size, the heft…damage might ensue. I will have to do some thinking about where this will go. Moving it often won’t be good for my back.

I am also in the process of designing an overarm dust collection tube for my table saw. I get way too much dust in the air when sawing with the Shark Guard. I plan on using approximately 2″ diameter PVC and routing it to the right of my extension table so it doesn’t get in the way. I already have a T-fitting that should fit on the back of the saw, but I haven’t tested it yet. I will have to work out the size and material transition.

The shop feels like it’s growing up, becoming a more mature shop. I’d like to get the dust collection done before I saw this new board, but I’ll have to do some quick planning indeed. Stay tuned.




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