Out of harm’s way

Today thanks to my shop heating I was able to complete a project I have had on my to-do list for a year: putting my chisels in a rack. I had previously made one for my HF chisels, but my Narex chisels have lived in a drawer for the longest time. I was starting to get chips in the steel, so I knew I needed to find them a new home before I hone them all this spring.

I used the mahogany I picked up from Rockler a few weeks ago and milled it yesterday. It was too wide for the jointer with the guard, so I removed it and it just barely cleared the pin. I finished it off with a hand plane, then jointed the facing edge then put it through the planer. I ripped a clean edge on the table saw then let it rest overnight.


Today I ripped the board into 2″ wide pieces, or actually just under. I marked each chisel hole 1.5″ from each other and each edge, 1.25″ from the back edge. I used a pilot hole and followed it up with a 7/8″ forstner most of the way through, then a 5/8″ bit to finish the hole. I then marked 10º angles and cut them out on the bandsaw. For the mortise bits, I did change it up by using the 7/8″ bit all the way through due to the different construction.

All of the bevel-edge chisels (12 of them) went on one row. The 8 mortise chisels, two skew, one corner chisel and my marking knife are on the other. I believe each row is 19.5″ long, which will make an interesting cabinet dimension. The racks are secured to the wall (temporarily) by four screws each. I could have gotten interesting, but I wanted to keep it simple and move on.

I will make one more row the same length for my nice screwdrivers. I have five, but should have six. I don’t know what else will go on that row, as I think my rasps may be a bit long and hard to reach inside a cabinet. I could make slots for measuring tools like a couple of squares. I may just hold off on it until I see what this potential cabinet would look like. I think the chisels will go on the inside of the door, assuming I have enough material.

For now, though, just getting them out of the drawer is a major step.

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