Previous projects

I really don’t ever consider a project to be done, but just various states of completeness. As such, you’ll see some stuff in this post that really aren’t done.

Gran Turismo/Forza wheel stand

(I’m keeping pics small until I figure out a better way to embed them)

Nothing too special, and I seriously need to redo it in anticipation of GT5 finally coming out in November. Hope I can find some cash and upgrade my wheel to a G27 ($$$).

A jewelry box

Made a DIY box joint jig for my router, and fleshed this out of red oak (her choice). It’s currently awaiting a felt lining and perhaps a new top…because it split right along the grain when I was doing final assembly. DOH!

More pictures to come when I figure out what Photobucket did with my pictures…


So, everything has a beginning. My journey is no different. I guess it started Christmas of 08 when I bought my own first real tools – the Ryobi One+ 18v 4pc starter set. A set that I have still. Sure, I had gotten a few older hand me down tools like a drill, but they certainly had limitations – like a 1/2″ bit. So I took the plunge and bought it. The set has been a champ, with the only issue that the circular saw may or may not be perfectly square anymore.

I started with the reciprocating saw, circular saw, drill and flashlight. In the 18 months since, I’ve added:

  • spiral saw
  • fan
  • radio
  • corner sander
  • random orbit sander
  • jigsaw
  • angle grinder
  • weedeater/trimmer

I think there may be another one, but perhaps not. The One+ system is fantastic, and the Lithium batteries have made it 10x better. I’m thinking of completing the set, as far as I need to.

The workshop was also just a shed for a very long time. Institute of Collecting Junk, and it was giving out MJAs (Master of Junk Acquisition). I really thought I had some pictures from when we bought the house (December 08 – hence the tool acquisition), but you’ll just have to imagine. Plywood interior and exterior. Old, nasty carpet probably from the 70s. Logs and junk on the side. It was truly a junk storage point. And outside of making a couple of $20 tables, I hadn’t really put anything in there of any substance.

Fast forward to early this year. One house project I wanted to do was replace a slatted hall door with a solid faced one. To put the new hinges on, I really could have used a router. So, I bought one. A Craftsman 17543 dual-base. Ever since, it’s been an avalanche. I’ve gone from having a complete junk filled shed to what almost resembles a shop.


To my family and friends, and possibly complete strangers. I hope to use this to chronicle my experiences getting started in woodworking, and various other projects.

My main staging area is, as you guessed, a 12×12 shed. Not the most ideal setting to create things, but you work with what life gives you. I also have a carport with an uneven floor, and a hill. Yes, a hill. As in, a not-at-all-level hill. Right in front of the shed. Sigh.

So you’ll hopefully see the transformation of this space into a usable area, and some of the stuff and ideas that come out of it. Keep in mind that I just started even cutting a couple of months ago, so what I make is going to be quite crude at first.

Hope you enjoy.

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