Pantry Doors, Part 2

I took a look at the measurements for the panel and decided that the piece I had just might work. I measured the dimensions I needed, subtracted the space for the space balls (explained later), and set up my rip fence to the right width.

I glued up one rail and stile for a corner and checked for square. I inserted the balls on both sides and inserted the panel, proceeding to put the remaining rail and stile on with glue. I need to pin the panel so that a gap won’t show, but it looks good otherwise. Waiting for the glue to dry while it’s clamped up, and then I can see about getting it mounted up, probably after the other door is done.

Also made the drawer shelfs (what the drawer sits on inside the cabinet) for the router table. Unfortunately, I’m out of suitable material to make the drawers right now. I’ll try to address that when I pick up the ply for the other door.

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