Pardon the dust…again

I’m attempting to put an image gallery up for you to browse all the pictures I’ve put up in a single shot, in full screen. When complete, this will be another page on the navigation bar above. Having some growing pains trying to get this set up, but now that I’ve realized the shortcomings of WordPress, I’ve figured out a way to get it accomplished the way I want it to look like. Sorry if you were notified of new content, this is what I was working on.

Never fret, you’re getting fresh new content at 0800. And I’m endeavoring to bring you fresh content on average of every 24-48 hours. Please pardon the dust.

I’ll also use this space to announce I’ve finally figured out a use for the tag feature that I like, and will be deploying it on all future posts that warrant it, and I’ll be going back through the archives and find older posts that need it as well. When it’s up and running with content you’ll know how to navigate it. Thanks again.

Edit – It’s up already! Navigate to Media Library and click on any image for a bigger view, and then you can navigate with the arrows. Unfortunately this aspect doesn’t work on tablets, as far as I can tell. Oh well. Hope you enjoy the efforts to bring you more access. Also, the pictures are uploaded by taken date, and don’t match exactly the order shown in individual posts. Pictures from other sources, such as the workshop renders from Sketchup, will be added in later. More specific titles on the pictures are coming as well.

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