Pardon the dust

In preparation for the South Wall remodel (however it will go), I needed to expand the OSB wall redo to the adjoining walls – just one section each for now. After a couple hours hard work, these sections are now prepped to receive the new wall coverings.

Taking down the 1/4″ ply I got a nasty surprise – ants. Giant black ants had infiltrated the wood at the bottom of each wall and came pouring out. Luckily it wasn’t summer and they were slow moving. Some WD-40 (closest thing I could grab) and some Oregon-invented waffle sole later and I think they are all dead. Some ant poison will confirm that tonight.

The plywood and hardwood needed to be disposed of, so I employed my newest addition: a Craftsman jigsaw. I’ll have an overview of that in a day or so. But I will say it ripped through all of the trash like nothing, and everything is ready for the garbage truck. The shop is a disaster, but easily remedied once the wall panels get installed tomorrow.

Really excited to get started on the cabinets, in whichever form they take. Hopefully I’ll get the plans finalized this week and materials on-site next weekend.

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