Pass the Sketchup

I’ve been living in this program recently, trying to fine tune my future shop layout. I’ve been living in GIS trying to find just the right idea or spark. Eventually I figured out I had to turn to what I had for the proper perspective.

I have taken some fine measurements of a couple of things I need to put away, one of them being the air compressor. Being pretty loud in operation, I have designed a cubby for it made of simple construction. It will have a door for me to pull it forward and check the oil level and drain it. It will have an air intake lower than the one on the compressor so that sawdust doesn’t clog the filter. I am going to be flexible on the dimensions for right now, hoping I can fit insulation on the inside to further muffle the noise and keep the vibration down. Part of why I am not sure is that I need it to fit under the outfeed side of my jointer when it is parked. Under the infeed side hopefully can hold the separator. The only question is height. That will be measured during the monsoon tomorrow.

If those two things work out measurement-wise, I’m well on my way. I ‘built’ in Sketchup a cabinet to hold my vac and my socket set. They are really the only things that match by width. I will keep the drawer function of the sockets to easily access them, and the vac will get some insulation and a door. It is cooled by the air intake on the back, and I will have an opening somewhere on that cabinet so that it doesn’t overheat. Simply putting a ‘door’ over where it is now has knocked down the sound considerably. The cabinet will sit on these Ikea legs I picked up Wednesday. It will be built modular, meaning not all connected like the miter saw bench is now, which is causing a problem. If I change my mind it will still be useful somewhere else. Also if I remove the vac, I can still fit plenty down there.

The miter saw stand itself I’m still unsure on. I’ll need to take some more measurements, and do some more research on preventing the top from sagging if I don’t use a vertical support directly underneath the saw. I still wish to have some systainer storage incorporated somewhere in the shop, and if my bench is going to be deep enough to house two of them in tandem, then that’s the smartest place to do it. The TS55 I want comes in a Sys-4, and I know I want a Sys-3. Two of each would fit in one cabinet under the saw. A Sys-1 could also fit if it’s under the taller right-side cabinet.

So much more to do in Sketchup over the next few months. The lathe stand needs fine tuning, to see exactly what will be going there. The router table at this point is non-existent. I’m also moving closer to building a saw cart so I can have some sleds. I’m just getting started. I believe I have enough 3/4 ply left on hand to build the the compressor cubby, and it doesn’t require me to break any existing cabinetry down to use it. I might even start work on it before the flip-top cart is completed.

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