Patience is a virtue

A virtue that I seem to be completely bereft of. I have so many improvements I want to make to my shop and just can’t do them right now. I want to add a couple of tools but just can’t right now. I have the feeling that when I’ll be able to do both, my work schedule won’t allow me to work on them as much as I’d like. It’s frustrating.

This weekend was just a bit of sharpening. I got all my planes and chisels sharpened up and ready for use. The Worksharp 2000 came in very handy cutting the work time down, especially on the #7 I hadn’t tuned up yet. Sharpening isn’t something I like to do, but it had been a long time for the smaller planes and the chisels hadn’t ever been done. I know the real test is cutting paper, but apparently I didn’t get mine that sharp. I only have 2000 grit paper for the scary sharp method. What I’d love to do is finally make a stand and jig for the Worksharp and put some higher grit paper on it to really speed things up. Then go to waterstones for up to 8000 grit. The waterstones are an investment I’ll make some time down the road.

I measured the MDF I have on hand for the air compressor cabinet, but I don’t have enough. I’ll purchase a 2×4 sheet when the weather warms back up a bit so I can get that completed. I may try to get the other parts cut in anticipation. I still have some cleaning I’d like to do before I start another project, even if it is a small one.

Even though it is basically freezing outside, I miss the shop and may venture out there this afternoon.

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