Phase Three – The Syscab

It really didn’t make sense to call this a sysport, because it isn’t portable. So, it’s a systainer cabinet or syscab for short. To recap in brief, it’s a double-depth systainer cabinet at the entrance to the shop. The miter saw infeed will sit on top, and the replacement to the upper part of the chaos wall will sit on top of that.

On Saturday morning I bought a new sheet of ply from Lowe’s, all I would need for the cabinet itself. I had them cut into three parts on the panel saw so it would fit in my SUV. At home, I set up the Centipede and cut all pieces to the correct size with the TS55 and the 1900 rail outside. With all three pieces cut to 43″*29″, the operation moved inside.

I set up the LR32 to rout all the drawer mounting holes at 37mm from the front, then had to set up another row 102mm from the front (I think it really should have been 101mm). Why? I don’t have the longer drawer slides and the limit for the LR32 is 110mm, so I couldn’t register off the back with my small drawer slides. I probably could have, but it was late and math is hard. The two holes will be enough to get the slides perpendicular, and that’s all that matters. The middle section got holes from both sides, and they were dead-on. I love this system.

I then put in 5mm mortises with the Domino on the outside panels. That concluded the Saturday festivities, which isn’t too bad because I did all that in just over two hours. Sunday is when things got really hot and heavy, and the pictures follow. I post a ton of stuff to Instagram lately, including all the pictures I took during the process on Saturday. Give it a look.

So on Sunday it was time to rock out. I cut a notch at each corner of the middle section to allow the stringer (stretcher, tie, etc) to run from the outside panels. I was curious as to how good of a cut I could get with my new saw (as it pertained to cutting on a line) and it did very well. Not perfect, but really close. Some practice will help.

Then it was time for assembly. The Domino joints were glued, and secured with a screw. The middle section just got screws.

As you can see, this thing is big, but it’s also big for my shop. Here it is on its side right before I put it down on the floor. Then it was time to move stuff outside so it could go to its final resting place.

Here we have the old counter top attached as temporary. I’ll have to come up with something deeper so things don’t keep falling down behind. Once this was done, it was time to disassemble the old chaos wall. I first took out the systainers and drawers and installed them in the new setup. I also took the thing I made last week, and decided to put it in next to it to give me more temporary storage. You’ll see what I’m referring to in a picture below. This may stay, this may go. All depends on what I need.

The chaos wall now empty, it went outside temporarily. I put the top portion on top of the counter (again temporarily) to regain storage. This may be rebuilt to a more exacting specification down the road, but for now it is needed as-is. The first task will be redoing the counter, and you see that little add-on with the dark grey Tanos systainers in it.

This project isn’t complete by any stretch, but for now will do so that I can focus on getting the shop cleaned back up.

I was too tired last night to do anything but leave at this point.

Lots of things left to do: clean up, particularly the massive amount of scrap ply that is lying around now, because I removed it all from my wood rack (that also got moved down the wall, and I neglected to mention). I need to find homes for things, including the F-clamps that are sitting at the end of the router table. The air compressor needs to be wheeled to the new corner, and then the MFT can slide back into place. Then I need to turn my planer 180° on the stand so that it will slide back under the miter saw.

Once those things are done, and things are fairly clean, then it will be time to assess my storage needs. I’ll make or buy a solid counter to be on both sides of the miter saw, drop the saw deck to match, and build new storage to replace the top half of the chaos wall. At that point I can completely disassemble stuff like the old hardware bin cabinet…or use it as my new stool, who knows.

I’m going to make an effort to get out to the shop for a bit every day, although on some days it just might not happen. There’s too much to do to leave it for just the weekends, and my son is wondering when we will start on his table I promised.


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