Planer cart 2.0

(This is a project I did a couple of weeks ago that I’m just getting around to writing about.)

My planer cart is sad.

Not that it has the capability for emotion, but it’s not delivering on it’s designed purpose. Oh it holds my planer and rolls around just fine, but I had so much more for it to do and it does nothing really well besides not collapse on itself. I made it as a simple box, but sized to hold my hardware containers. Unfortunately, I made some measurement and construction errors that really undermined the usefulness of it. I made the width slightly too narrow for the containers, then the sides bowed due to a lack of support for the planer. Plus being a simple box, I had a ton of wasted space behind the containers. I decided it was high time to replace the whole unit.

What I really like about this is that it was done with all recycled scrap I had on hand, minus the hardboard. That means the project cost was about $15, plus it allowed me to work on a huge problem area of my shop, the scrap corner. I used 3/4″ plywood for the structure, using an H/I beam construction, or a divided box would be an appropriate description. Basically a box, but instead of one end of the box being closed, that piece of ply is in the middle of the box, creating two open boxes. No glue, just screws. One side of the box stows my hardware containers and those shelves were dadoed in with 3/4″ ply. The other side is a bit of tossup. Right now I have sandpaper stored there. I might add a short drawer at the top for power tool tool storage – those wrenches and etc you get with new tool purchases. Or I might be able to put the couple of power sanders I have there. Not sure yet, I’ll know when I make the drawer. I’ll be looking for bolts to secure the jointer my next trip to the hardware store. This cart should also hold the DW735 when I eventually buy it.

Construction details – dados for all joints, including the shelves. 3/4″ ply and 3/16″ hardwood. 1.25″ Spax screws. Reused the Peachtree 4″ double lock swivel casters.

Time taken – a couple of afternoons

Cost – $15 (hardboard only)

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