Planer stand update

Yesterday I did my measuring and found that the DC separator measured in at 28″x24″. Fairly large, no wonder I felt like it was a behemoth. What I did find interesting, either by design of the plans or by accident, was that the planer bed was exactly (and I mean exactly) 36″ high. I think that may have been a sign to at least try what I’m attempting.

(A couple days pass)

What I did was to cut down the long side to 20″. I didn’t try to make this particularly neat, just for illustrative purposes. Surprisingly, it looks like it might work. I could make a spot for it to live in the bench, but it could go anywhere. In particular, it could hide next to my table saw.

The problem I’m on now isn’t what to do with the planer, but what to do with the miter saw. I’m pretty happy with my 10″ Hitachi, but I could see the need in the future to upgrade to a standard 12″ or a 12″ SCMS. Unfortunately, those generally run at least 24″ wide – quite the leap from the 17″ wide my Hitachi takes up. And this isn’t including 45 degree travel. They’re also especially deep. As much as I want to make room for a bigger saw, I don’t see how its possible. It’s something I’m going to sleep on, and I’m going to have to be sure about it before construction can begin.

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