Post 435

It’s interesting to go back and see the things you’ve done before. The road that has brought you to this point. I went back and looked at the last five Januaries, and man…how things progress. I started the blog approaching five years ago, and didn’t really expect that I’d still be keeping up with it the way I do. It’s been a pleasure to express my thoughts and feelings, and it’s been really surprising to have people check it out, read it and interact along the way.

What really brings this up is a post I made on a forum almost exactly a year ago, and the pictures from that. I’d say that 2014 ranks up there with the most amount of change my shop has seen, perhaps since I started the interior remodel. I finally got rid of the tar paper, the ceiling started to come down, I finally got (semi) permanent lighting, I joined the ranks of Festool. I had some hits and misses with stands, layout and etc, but it was a really good year. I’m thankful for the time I had to spend in it.

The shop is showing its age, though. The window lets in as much cold air as it’s ever done. The exterior is really starting to look awful, the plywood is peeling on the sides, and the trim out back has huge carpenter bee holes, or something to that effect. Perhaps woodpeckers or other vermin. The skirt is starting to fall off. A decision has to be made soon as to how much money I put into fixing it back up. A whole new exterior could be a few hundred. A new window is another hundred. Not money I was looking to spend. I’m not sure if I have another choice, as I can’t afford to build a new shop – not on the scale that it would make it worth it. I’m not building a replica, it has to be bigger.

At this point I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but the 144 Workshop does not end here, by any stretch of the imagination. I wonder what I will feel when I read this again in one or two years, and have the experience of going through whatever my decision is. I wish I had that wisdom today.

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