Potential Project – LEGO Storage

I may have kicked this idea around before, but I think it’s about time to get serious about it. Why? Well, I’ll let these pics tell the story:


Loose LEGO all over the table, poor use of bins and the plastic drawer system below has completely collapsed. It’s beyond saving. Also, I have no idea how, but we put a bend in the table top. Probably some books or something.

That pic also doesn’t tell of the loose pieces scattered on the floor at times. A solution is needed. I looked for a couple hours on forums and Google Images for ideas, although I pretty much could envision what I wanted to do: drawers with dividers. I had thought about using hardware bins in the past, but I think the drawer idea is a better choice.

Now, lately, I’ve gone for the easy route and bought storage solutions. Namely, the two bookcases. I could do the same here, with the Alex drawer unit from Ikea. Just add dividers. But the drawer unit is an eye-watering $120 by itself. I think that’s too much for what you get, so why not use my talent and tools to make something up? I’ve got plenty of 3/4 22″ drawer slides to do something with, so why not. I could design the divider system into the drawer itself, if I’m good enough. A simple box to stow them all in, and it’s job done. I don’t know if I would spend any less on materials, but it’s high time I actually used my shop, and this isn’t a physically large project.

I don’t think I will start on the project this weekend unless the planning goes exceedingly well. Tomorrow I have to do some cleaning around the house, in particular the room where this LEGO table and storage is. I might even spend the hottest part of the day sorting the LEGO, as it were.

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