Project break – cleaning time

Getting to a stopping point in my project finally allowed me to do some cleaning and straightening. On a big project like this, things get thrown around and put in the wrong places. In a small shop like mine, portions of the shop are actually cut off due to the floor tools.

So, with all the project pieces stacked in an orderly manner against the wall, the shop got a nice cleaning and slight reorganization. Since I’ll need room to cut and assemble, all the room I could gain relatively easy would be appreciated. The entire floor was swept, the workbench cleared and some trash put away. I rearranged a few things to gain a bit more room: the mortiser got put between the cedar stack and the drill press. That allowed me to move the lathe over a few inches and put the two old drawers worth of scrap between the drill press and lathe. Doing that allowed me to move the lathe back closer to the drill press and a bit more out of the way.

With this project taking a bunch of mahogany tenons, I took the opportunity to order an empty Domino systainer to store them in. To get a better deal, I also ordered something off my long-time wish list, an Attic-2 systainer for my drills. I will have to eventually order a deeper one, such as a #4 to keep them upright, but the Attic lid should be pretty good storage for the bits. I just wish the empty Centrotec containers were sold here. In one of the Sys-3 I got previously I put in all my sanders – both ROS, the corner cat and the belt. The other is empty except for my multifunction tool. At some point I will take some pictures and go into more detail. All of the systainers right now are under the workbench.

That’s really the extent of the cleaning and re-org. It did make a huge difference in the cleanliness of the shop though. I have that large clear space back.


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