Quality time

Now that the workbench project is basically done, minus an afternoon or three polishing it up, it’s time to kick back and put my feet up and everything will be fine.

No? Hmm…

Oh, that’s right. The shop is complete disaster. I guess the shop cleaning fairy isn’t going to show up this week, so I better get on that. This isn’t a pictorial, unfortunately. Just some quality time cleaning the shop. First thing was to remove the remnants of the old workbench and dice them up into smaller pieces so they could go off to the garbage. Burning isn’t an option here until at least November, so I’m loathe to hold on to them. However if I find a good deal on a rollaway trash can, that could be an option to make a burn bin.

The rest was just cleanup, cleanup, cleanup. Sweep, vacuum, sort…it was actually refreshing to do this knowing I wouldn’t immediately make another mess. The floor is as clean as it’s been since the last wall remodel, perhaps cleaner. I left it on Wednesday proud of my efforts. On Thursday I started a bit on getting the back bench cleaner and sorted. It was fun, I actually brought out my tablet and keyboard and did mostly brainstorming on things I wanted to find places for, so not a whole lot of cleanup got done. It’s not horrible, though.

The next few weeks will probably be small cleanup and brainstorming over what the next phase of the workshop is going to be. I’ve got some good ideas already, and I’ll need to flesh them out. I’m also going to look at making the shop doors some time in the next few weeks as well. I want to see if the materials I used for the crawlspace door warps any. The shop doors will be much bigger, and I’m sure I’ll need to Z-brace them. I can certainly use treated material, but if the plan-Jane lumber I used for the other door seems to be fine, it will for the shop doors as well. There’s also the added benefit of not breathing or cleaning the stuff, either.

It’s nice to be able to go into the shop and not have it be too junky. There’s a ways to go still to get it just how I want it, which is where the next post comes in…

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