Rain update

It appears that it is only the heaviest rains that allow water to leak into the shop. In that respect, it seems that I am probably out of serious danger. I have the piece of Pergo in place in the window as insurance, and I am also keeping my workbench pulled away from the wall right there as an extra precaution. Drip edge is pretty cheap, and it’s just a matter of getting my hands on a ladder, which hopefully it will stay dry (or at least not rain so much) enough for me to get up and install it. I would assume it can’t really be raining to put down the silicone caulk.

I was in the shop this afternoon while it was raining, so I know unless it is a downpour, I should be good. So little projects continue. Today was making some drawer parts to put in the chaos wall. These will be two actual drawers just above the systainers to hold…things. I was thinking router bits and accessories in one. At least the bits, and anything solely for handheld routing. I would keep the things meant only for the table with the table, and anything directly related to the big Triton router in it. I still haven’t come up with a plan for the router table, but having less things in it will help.

As for the drawers, it’s more scrap here. The more I can use in projects, the less I have to straight up destroy. These are made of 3/4″ ply, as I’m just about out of 1/2″ scrap that isn’t the better part of a full sheet. I cut the side pieces to length and height on the MFT. The sides are about half height of the front and back, as dictated by how big the pieces were. For the drawer slides, there’s more recycling at work here. We had to replace two dressers in a room, and one of them, the one that couldn’t be passed on, was taken apart. The drawer slides out of it were in good repair and the perfect length, so I salvaged them. They aren’t full extension, but they’ll be good enough for what I need. I set them back about 3/4″ because I want the drawer fronts to be flush with the cabinet. Again, I used the new router and edge guide to rout the dado needed for the bottom piece. I’ll pick up tomorrow by repurposing another piece of 3/4″ ply big enough to make the bottom. Then the whole process starts again, should I be in the mood to knock out the other drawer. I’ll have to more sets of those drawer slides to decide what to do with.

This was a realization with the workbench cabinet I made – I have to move the cabinet back, or the drawer slides back if I want faces or handles. The legs are coplanar to the front of the bench, making working on big pieces a possibility. To add drawer pulls would ruin that option.

I think, perhaps, I’ve come up with a workaround for non-Festools in my shop, and I’ll discuss that in another post later on. Despite the water and insect damage to the shop (wow, that really does encapsulate most of the problems), I’m feeling really upbeat about the long-term ability to work in a shop this size. I’d absolutely take bigger, and I’d build it that way if I could. The 144 soldiers on.

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