Regaining feeling

I have to admit, I’m still a bit numb over the realization about future shop plans. More and more I’m starting to process these things that I wanted to do or have, but will not be able to. Some of it is fact, some of it may just be realism.

I’ll post up the dream shop render at some point, but I had hoped for a much larger, more capable saw. Something I could really rely on, and be a centerpiece of the shop. I wanted a jointer with more capacity and a bigger bed. A resaw bandsaw. A real dust collector and a larger capacity air compressor. I wanted real storage. Real lighting, and real climate control. For all those reasons and more the fact that I can’t really do these is starting to hit hard.

I will be happier with a newer, better version of what I have, but it still won’t be what I consider a ‘real’ shop. I’m trying to move forward, but it’s not easy.

I ordered a new respirator the other day, and it arrived yesterday. I have been using a 3M Tekk Paint Project half-face (6211), and it has served me well. I’ve been using the P100 vapor cartridges exclusively. I saw that Marc Spagnuolo had recommended a 7500, then a 6500. He posted a pic of the 6500 this week, with the quick release, and decided it was time to upgrade. The initial verdict is, it’s very nice. The quick-release will come in very handy. I ordered the P100 particulate filters this time, because I still have a set of unopened vapor cartridges. I’ll take a few pictures when I head out to the shop, and provide a bit more in-depth observations.

This does leave me with a storage issue now, with two respirators, several masks, at least five sets of eye protection, and hearing protection. New storage is in order, as the little open cabinet I made isn’t going to work anymore. Perhaps I will dedicate a drawer in the workbench for that.

I put a new silent shop tour up on YouTube, partly to remind me of the things that I’d like to take care of. I’ll link to it later with my thoughts.

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