As a companion to Friday’s post, I had the opportunity to head back out to the shop this morning to test out what I had in my head. I was disappointed in the layout I envisioned, particularly with where the drill press and lathe were and the usability.  Seizing the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive, I immediately set about moving things around again. The drill press moved back to the corner it was on Thursday, the back right. This is really a good spot for it anyway. It fits nicely into the corner, and gives me room to stow some narrow things behind it, such as the plastic sawhorses. Also back where they were are the jointer and bandsaw. The bandsaw placement is perfect along the right wall, it only shifted slightly to accommodate other tools.

The big change I made from a couple of days ago is moving the lathe. Where it was interfered with moving around the bench. Where it is now is along the right wall, next to the bandsaw, where the saw sits perpendicular. I think this is the best spot for it yet. I should be able to move the saw out of the way and do any turning. Moving the head and doing large bowls might be a problem next to the bandsaw, it might have to be shifted over slightly. I’ll be able to put some things high up on the wall and they will be both accessible and out of the way of turning.

What I will have to do is alter the length of the table saw extension. I could keep a full length with a rotating table, an idea I’ve seen on the BT3 forums. Or, I could just shorten it up some. I’ll be trying for the former and the latter will be the backup.  I don’t yet know if I’ll be incorporating a router here – it might not get much use and it might be too heavy. I think I have an alternate plan for the router table, but we aren’t to that point yet. I shall have to temporarily set up a router on the left side of the saw for the time being, as the one I have now will have to be scrapped.

Really good news is that it looks like the planer cart will fit under the end of the bench with the wheels (and planer) removed. The spot for the planer is related to the new router table.

Now to find time and money to make the necessary changes.

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