Renovation plans

Well, time is drawing near for the big renovation. It’s not the best time with the weather, but while I’m waiting to find a great deal on a bandsaw, this is something I could start work on.

The first part is to replace the walls, or at least several panels at first. One whole wall and a panel on each of the adjoining walls will be replaced with OSB. In the process of this, the ceiling will come down as well.

Once those five panels are in, work will begin on that wall’s work surface. Cabinets will run the entire wall on the floor, and the top will either be multiple sheets of ply or a torsion box. The top will be replaceable hardboard.

Directly in the middle will be a place for my miter saw. It’s shelf will be lowered where the table of the saw corresponds with the rest of the counter. Under the miter saw will sit a planer on a low cart.

The far left cabs will hold eight drawers of various sizes. The lower left drawer will hold my nailers. The rest is up for debate. On both sides of the miter saw will be areas for my sawhorses to slide in and stop taking up valuable wall real estate.

On the right side of the miter saw will house an undetermined amount of drawers. One drawer will hold my future spindle sander, and the one above it will hold my newest purchase and one other tool. More about that purchase later.

Above the work surface will be a French cleat system, four levels high. This system will hold almost all of my hand power tools, and quite a few of the hand tools. The system allows for an infinite amount of arrangements. I’ll be making a couple of different funnies for things, and the first project will be a battery tote for my One+ system.

On an adjacent wall, eventually, will be my drill press, bandsaw, and a table where my lawnmower will reside under. I haven’t decided what will be on top, but my golf clubs and a cubby for ply might be a possibility. The opposite wall will have wood storage of some sort. Both walls will have at least one cabinet up high. I need a finish cabinet, and a car cabinet, possibly two. The door wall will be mostly unusable, unfortunately.

The recent purchase was a Work Sharp 2000 on a substantial discount. It will be great for sharpening my chisels and etc. It should fit into a custom drawer, and I have a plan in store to make it even more usable.

I’m really itching to get started.

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