Things turned around quickly in the shop after I did some slight experimentation with the layout. I noticed that I had more room in real life between the bench and the cabinet than I did virtually. I slid the bench closer to the cabinet and was able to slide the saw the same distance. This opened up the front right corner, and I’m trying the planer/dust separator cart there tucked up under the wall scrap storage. I only have to loosen the fence on the table saw (to raise the handle) to let it slide out. I can now simply slide the planer out from the corner to use it. May still put the jointer in that corner, but I like being able to access the full front of the saw.

I also reoriented the jointer in the same corner to take up more of the left wall than the back wall. This allowed me to move the router table to the back wall, but it could easily stay where it was. I now have a lot more room to move around in. May play around with it some more before I make any final decisions. I would still like the jointer to be a bit more accessible – merely rolling in one direction versus the parking game I still have to do. Perhaps one of the front corners is still in play.

Until Home Depot does another paint recycling day, I did find some temporary, out of the way storage on the shelf of my old sander stand which is serving as a fake extension table for the saw.

Also got to try out my new toy, but I’m saving that story for another day.

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