Reversing course

I think previously, I talked about how I would probably have to reverse my decision on clamp placement, due to other factors. Well, that took place on Saturday. I really wanted to have my clamps handy at the door, but the mess that was the auxiliary power center necessitated a change back.

Edit – I just realized that I never posted that. Consider yourselves informed.

I moved the clamps to the only free spot that could hold them, near the workbench. This is just a couple of feet over from where they originally were. I will soon have to build my own rack, as I’ve now exceeded the original capacity by a full four. After that, the task was to move the lights.

The goal with this was to move the auxiliary power strip from the right side of the door to the left (as you enter the shop). The reason for this was to keep the reel out of the way for table saw operations. So instead of the lights coming down there, they have to come down on the left side, which means adjusting them all – the ends have different fittings. At the minimum, this would mean simply flipping them around. However, I wanted a bit better coverage of light, so I adjusted all of them.

Previously, I had five lights grouped close to the middle in a U-shape. This was pretty good lighting, but I wanted a bit more light along the sides of the shop as well. I moved the run over closer to the wall and started it closer to the front wall. All of this means that with the same amount of lights, my light is decreased temporarily in the front right corner. Not a huge issue for two reasons: I want the most light around my workbench, and I’ll be adding more lights. These light strips allow you to have up to ten lights on one run, which is probably the goal. The five lights I have now don’t quite make the turn back toward the front wall, so there’s three I could add on that side. I don’t know how or where I would add a tenth, due to the length of the connecting cords. I suppose it is possible I could make a longer connection cord and put it dead center of the shop.

So, lights are now back on. I then mounted the power strip, much lower on this side (because the light moved) and this allows the reel to sit completely outside the shop if needed. Next up I mounted the battery chargers. The supercharger, I just mounted the mount, because it is inside the house protecting the batteries from the cold. Then I moved the heater from the door, back to near it originally was. I made all the cords nice and tight, and secured them to the wall. Finally, I moved the vac switch over nice and high on the wall, with plenty of cord for the vac to stay where it is.

Sometimes, your first instinct is the right one. The best place for all of this was to be where it once was, and is again.


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