Review – Harbor Freight Plate Joiner

If you read one line of this post, make it this one: don’t buy this tool.

I wasn’t really impressed with this thing when I bought it, and two years on or so I’m even less impressed. The fence isn’t very good at all. To make any adjustments you need to whip out a Phillips screwdriver, because the plastic knobs either don’t turn or turn the whole screw. To put the fence up for face work it’s the same story. So, the fence is just awful.

The bigger problem to me is the cut. I can fiddle with the fence and get to sort of work. The depth of cut is completely off though. I have some FF and 0 biscuits that I picked up, and obviously the FF is for the PC. But I set my cut to the 0 biscuit and attempted to put together a joint. The cut depth was completely off. There was a 2mm or so gap that wouldn’t close. I tried the 10 setting. Still wouldn’t close. Of course with the crappy fence I couldn’t line the cut up exactly as it was before. I didn’t bother with the 20 setting, I nearly threw it in the trash right then.

Now, I should say this: they have updated the model since I bought mine. It might be better. It certainly looks better. I still don’t think it will be worth your time long-term. Buy a PC or a Dewalt or even a Lamello, or go with dominos. Anything but the HF version. It’s not worth the hassle even playing around with it.

0 out of 5 stars

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