Review – Hitachi C12RSH

I reviewed it’s little brother in 2012, and I liked it a lot. Eventually though I found that I wanted a bit more capacity in my cuts. In October of 2012 I upgraded to Hitachi’s 12″ sliding miter saw, the C12RSH. Now that I’ve had this for over a year, I thought it would be time to share my thoughts on it to help clear out my review queue.

The 12RSH (and it’s related brethren) use a little bit different sliding system than most. The slides can lock in two positions: one is the normal sliding action everyone is used to, with the rods going all the way back. The other can lock where the rods don’t go as far back. This was a huge reason why I was able to buy it. From the back clearance to the fence only needs about 20″ or so, which is a lot less than most of the competitors.

The quality of cut with the 60(?)T blade is very good. I had it on there for a year and was much better than expected. I recently replaced it with an Irwin 96T blade and it is absolutely awesome. The accuracy is very, very good. 90º cuts are dead on. To the best of my knowledge 45º is right on as well. Fine adjustment is possible on bevel and miter cuts with two fine adjustment knobs. Miter cuts are helped by stops where you’d expect them. Dust collection is about on par with what you would expect, perhaps slightly better. With dust collection hooked up, I’d say 80% or so goes up the chute. I’ve not tried putting a zero clearance insert in yet. The laser is as on the cut line as is physically possible.

At $400 (what I paid) this was a very worthy upgrade for me. The only bit of problem I have is the size, which was probably more than I wanted. Still, smaller than most of the competition. I probably would have been very happy with a Kapex, but the price difference is absurd. The miter handle knob is longer than it should be. The dust port is an odd size, making connecting it to collection a bit more difficult.

Four out of Five Stars.

I didn’t give this as high of a score as the previous saw for a couple of reasons. One, it’s almost too big for my shop. If you have a nice size shop, then that doesn’t apply to you. The other reason being I wish the dust collection was just a little bit better. It could be, if the dust deflector behind the blade was just a little bit longer, and the dust port an actual standard size.

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