Review – Rikon 8″ slow grinder

Late last year Rikon released this grinder and Woodcraft had a special promotional price of $99 for a time ending in December. I hadn’t been getting good results with my Ryobi 6″ grinder, so I picked up a Oneway Wolverine to help sharpen my lathe chisels. I was still getting poor results, and I couldn’t tell if it was from the substandard steel of the HF chisels, or the grinder. So on the last day of the promotion I jogged over to Woodcraft and picked one up.

Now, I don’t have a lot of (read: any) experience with 8″ grinders, but I have been very pleased with it. It came with two white abrasive wheels, which made the grinder even better of a deal. I get a nice grind on the chisels, and some of it is the abrasive, some is the speed. It’s not adjustable, but I find the low speed is just fine for me. As you can imagine, it does have a nice hefty footprint and weight. It’s 6′ cord is a nice length.

There’s really not a lot more you can say about a grinder. I like it.

Four out of Five Stars

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