Review – Ryobi One+ Leaf Blower

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I have a ton of the Ryobi One+ tools, and generally love them all. That’s why it pains me that this leaf blower is the one that is going to kick it off. I purchased this refurbished at a store I like to visit, Direct Tools Factory Outlet. I just wish that the store wasn’t an hour drive from me, as I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up additional refurb tools from them as the quality has been very good. The quality of this leaf blower is very good, unfortunately the performance doesn’t match.

Among the positive attributes of the unit is the weight – this can easily be used by an adult, and even awkwardly operated by a toddler. The design of it is made for the larger Li-ion batteries, the smaller ones really help with the weight.

Unfortunately, that’s where the positives trail off. If it ever reached 120MPH as stated, I’d owe someone a beer. It works decently on loose, dry leaves, but anything wet and you might as well grab the rake. It’s not powerful at all, which I suppose should be expected for a battery-powered unit. However, the battery use is atrocious. Five to ten minutes of use is all you get with the smaller Li-ion batteries, and don’t even think about using the old Ni-Cds.

It was an obvious addition to the line, but I wonder if it would have been ppossible to make a better product, or at least make it for less than the asking cost. I purchased my refurb unit bare (no battery or charger) for under $20. List price with the battery and charger is a whopping $109. For comparison, the tool by itself and the battery and charger kit are sold online through Home Depot for $59 and $40 respectively. Which doesn’t make sense being $11 less than the packaged product. Go figure.

Ryobi makes some pretty good homeowner/weekender level tools (more than they get credit for), but unless you’re picking this up refurb or getting it as a pack-in with the hedge trimmer or edger, go with a corded or gas unit. You’ll be much happier. Certainly don’t buy this if you don’t have a few other One+ tools.

For those who still want to buy it or read other reviews, I’ve included the links below. 2 out of 5 stars

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