Review – Ryobi One+ String Trimmer

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Continuing on the Ryobi review train is the 12″ cordless string trimmer. I’m not entirely sure why it’s designated 12″, but I suppose that’s the cutting diameter. Like the leaf blower I reviewed yesterday, it’s the lime green hue of the Li-ion line, but this doesn’t suck.

The String Trimmer comes with a charger and a full-size Li-ion battery. It was actually my first foray into the Ryobi lithium line, and I’ve been hooked on the better juice since. What separates the large and small batteries besides physical size and longevity is a push-button sensor that tells you how much power is left. It’s really nice, and I wish all the batteries had this. Otherwise, I have to reach for my separate battery checker which is only slightly more inconvenient. The charger is dual chemistry, meaning you can charge either NiCd or Li-ion batteries in it.

For operation, the trimmer has an extendable shaft which also pivots around to use as an edger. The handle is adjustable, and so apparently is the battery dock, which I’ve never tried. The string is advertised as no bump and auto feed, which until today I never knew how to get it to feed. You click the power switch several times until it reaches the desired length. Funny how the manual said that the entire time…

I have to say, with the included larger capacity battery this does anything I need it to in my yard and has juice to spare. It edges decently, it cuts anything smaller than a half-inch or so diameter weed without effort, and is reasonably light to carry around.

I did realize after writing these last two reviews they aren’t really woodworking related. As I go through the One+ system and make my thoughts known about them, however, you may decide to buy into the system. If you do, I hope the trimmer and blower reviews help you see that while not always perfect, the system is pretty inclusive for the average homeowner situation. With lots of tools and batteries otherwise, I’d be looking at these yard tools as well and would appreciate the info. I hope you do too. Since those are the only two non-woodworking One+ tools I own, it’s back to woodworking on this front as well.

Ryobi has now come out with a 24v cordless trimmer, but the reviews on it are not promising. This one, however, gets five stars from me.

Ryobi One+ 18v Trimmer w/ battery
Trimmer (refurb), bare tool
Trimmer and Blower combo (Blower review HERE)

Pics coming Tuesday

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