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This is first in a series of tool and equipment reviews I’ll be having to fill some of the down time I expect in the shop.

(Unless otherwise noted, I have not received any compensation or consideration for any of the reviews listed. These have been purchased with my own funds at regular or sale prices publicly available.)

Something I use almost every single time I head out to the shop is my safety glasses. I can be demoing the walls like I was last week, working on my car like I was yesterday, or doing nearly everything else in the shop – I have to protect my eyes. Just as much if not more than my hands and fingers, my eyes pay the bills in my day job. While I’m not the best at getting them checked, I do try to avoid things flying into them if at all possible. Enter in my favorite pair of safety glasses ever, the Milwaukee MK2400.

It’s not just that I bought a (read: five) pair for $3.99 each during a (couple) sale(s) on Amazon, it’s that their so damn comfortable. I can’t count the number of times I get done in the shop, and get inside the house and realize I have them on. And the next time I need them, remember that they’re in the house.

Unfortunately, it appears that Milwaukee has discontinued this product. I hate it when I find a product I love and then it stops getting made. I have three pair currently (one active, two in the box), and I’ll have to be careful about where I set them down. The current pair got twisted slightly, but I was able to bend them back in place and they still work fine.

I will be exploring outdoor options, seeing if I can find a similar style and fit with a UV rating for working outside. I never saw an exact version of these with a tint.

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Milwaukee 49-17-2400 MK2400 Safety Glasses Clear Hard Coat

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