Right side cabinets

I have the cabinet drawers roughed out. The top and middle drawers are repurposed from the old drawers, with the middle one being the one that’s too narrow. I had envisioned the top drawer being shallow for stuff like pencils and etc, but that hasn’t worked out to this point. I may put a divider in the top drawer to accomplish that. You can see for yourself where I’m going with what will go where.

I was considering making a drawer to sit just above the sander that is shallow. The issue with adding another drawer there is the spindle. I could make a shallow one, but would mean removing the drawer any time I want to use the sander. Not a huge deal considering how often I would use it.

This was a lost weekend, unfortunately. I’m hoping I can go out in the next couple of days and start seeing about making the tool platforms. Right now the miter saw can’t be used and that’s an issue. Post on that process coming up.

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