Road to Recovery?

I posted a few days ago about an injury to my foot, then you saw a bunch of updates over the weekend. My foot healed up to normal, and I was able to live normally.

Until Monday.

I believe I have plantar fascitis, and it came back hard on Monday. By Wednesday I could barely walk, so my time out in the shop has been limited. I can stand and sit and shuffle around fine, it’s regular walking and carrying things that have really been thrown for a loop. I started to feel just a bit better today, but based on what happened this weekend I’m only partially optimistic. I’ve been stretching as much as possible and following all the advice I can find. Have to see what comes tomorrow with it.

I was going to pick up the ply and hardboard I needed for my miter bench counter, but decided to hold off until at least Friday. I think one sheet of each will take care of the left side, and I will eventually get the right side done as well. I’ll take my cordless saw and a rip guide with me, but I’m hoping the panel saw can make quicker work of it. Get it close, and trim to fit. I’m using the cheap ply this time from Home Depot, which lowers costs significantly. It will be two layers with the hardboard on top, and this time I’m going to cap the edge with some hardwood.

The counter unfortunately can’t be splint into two equal pieces with a sheet of ply, because it’s at least 29″ deep. So I’ll use the bigger piece as the top layer, smaller piece as the bottom and fill in behind with scrap from it, likely from the bit left over from the length. Then the hardboard gets attached, and I’ll likely screw that down. Once in a mostly permanent state (after cutting out clearance for the back of the miter saw), then I’ll lower the miter saw and fine-adjust it to hit the mark as best I can.

The plan for after that is to modify the old chaos wall, lower portion. I’m going to make new pieces to go between to accommodate storing the Fastenal boxes, 18.5″ wide. Then I’ll cut the sides down so that it will fit in the new location, where the top portion is now. I think I need to cut about 5″ off, but will verify after the counter is made. The old section might find a home somewhere else, but I’ll likely just scrap it – the sides could be cut up and make excellent shelves.

At that point I can make the other side of the miter saw counter, and be well on my way to a more organized shop. I’m hoping that maybe I can clear out most of the drawers under the workbench, potentially to store some hand tools. We’ll see. Still a ton of scrap plywood under the MFT and some smaller 1/2″ and 3/4″ pieces sitting on the table saw.

On a different note I ordered another new Festool. You may have heard or seen the obscene discount on the new ETS 125, and I couldn’t pass it up. I’m not sure how much I’ll use it, but I could sell it and easily make money.  I think I’ll find uses for it though, particularly at the higher grits. It has a shorter stroke than even the 150/3. Festool has some Granat papers all the way up to 1500 grit. Platin to 4000. Have to ask around and see how well it works with this, my plan before had been to polish with the RO150, when the need arose and I had that on hand.

As far as non-shop projects go, I still need to make the two remaining drawers for the LEGOrganization project, although the fronts will probably wait a bit. I found all the pieces while I was cleaning up a few days ago, so I’ll just need to fire the compressor up, assemble, and cut the rest of the 1/4″ sheet for drawer bottoms. My son wants a bedside table, and I’ll be making it a bit nicer than I’d usually do, on the same level as the sideboard bookcase I made. I have a sheet of ply and a section of hard maple ready to go for the top. Just will have to purchase some more maple for the legs.

This turned into something much longer than just an injury update, but it works for me. Hopefully tomorrow evening I can get some new pictures up here and on the ‘Gram.

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