Rough sledding

The fire is very dim. There hasn’t been any desire to go out to the shop lately, and indeed it’s been a couple of weeks. I should really head out there for a few minutes to literally charge batteries, but I haven’t spared even that out of my schedule. Some of that I can attribute to the schedule itself. I took on coaching a soccer team this fall, which has mostly taken weekends out of the equation. Combine that with school, which tests are due on weekends as well, and it’s a recipe for a short shrift for woodworking. Work is getting back to normal, which helps out the balance.

What is more concerning though is that while I want to get things accomplished, I don’t want to take the time to do them. Buying a bookcase or two seems so appealing, even though I know I won’t. Buying a dresser is looking like a real possibility versus taking on that project. Even though the shop doesn’t cost anything right now to maintain, I have wondered how easy it would be to liquidate and pay down some bills. I have all these awesome tools and no desire. It’s tough.

I know from past experience I only need one good day to bring it back, so all hope is not lost. I need to arrange for a plywood run so I can build this nice bookcase I want. It might be a better idea to get the miter saw stand and stuff like that done first. I could always take a trip to the lumber yard and get some 4/4 material for the face frame, I can do that in the SUV. I suppose I need to find out if I am painting or staining first. Painted white like a built-in, or done in a nice dark wood like a walnut and sealed. That’s the first decision. Both have their advantages. I think if I could get this project started the drive would return. That’s the trick, or perhaps the real trick is finding the time. The tools sit ready. Well, perhaps the jointer and planer could use a quick tune-up.

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