Round and round – part one

The knee bone is connected to the thigh bone…

Everything is connected. One action is dependent on another. Such is the way of things in a small shop. To rearrange means that usually something else has to move out of the way. The trick is to find a gap in what could be a closed loop, to find a way to move something to a spot that doesn’t first need to be cleared. It’s why sometimes one step can need ten prequels.

I found myself in such a situation on Sunday. Having a bit of unexpected free time due to the rainy conditions, I thought about tackling a project – moving the drill press. Since this would involve a multitude of steps before I could get there, I’ll spoil the story and reveal that the drill press is still where it was. The whole process could take days for me to even explain at my current rate of writing, but I’ll try.

The first step is to move the air compressor reel from it’s spot on the ceiling. This is a Harbor Freight unit, about as cheap as you can get. It also is the most frustrating thing in the world to try and mount, which is why I never really tried to investigate and solve the air leaks I have in my system. Since I had to take it down, it seemed like a good time to try it. I removed all the connections, used silicon tape, and tightened everything back up really well. A test run revealed that I had finally fixed the air leaks. The result is longer intervals between the compressor running, which is very nice on the ears. During the testing, I discovered just how quiet the compressor was outside on dirt. The silent running I wanted for the workshop was never going to happen with the vibration, and now I’ve come to accept that. I mounted the reel lower to the ground and back in the corner, which gets it out of the way but also leaves enough slack where I can wheel the compressor outside for use.

The only other step I got to was to move the ladder down the line to where the reel was. However, I am happy that I finally solved the air leak issue with the compressor. Things are still a bit screwy with work these days, so time out in the shop is a real luxury. I may get back out there tomorrow afternoon, but this weekend looks completely gone. I’m trying to get away from doing long posts on near-future plans, but I may have to resort to that for a bit.

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