Round and round – part two

Two posts about moving a drill press? Yes!

I’ve moved the air compressor reel to move the ladder. Now I will move the router sled to somewhere out of the way – I don’t particularly want to get rid of it, but it could be replicated very easily. Once the router cubby is taken off the wall, I have a clear slate in the corner. The question that presents itself is this: do I continue at this point with the wall replacement? I could certainly put the cabinet up without doing it, however finding adequate anchoring spots might be an issue. I didn’t really feel like going through another round of destruction at this point, but it’s the right thing to do. I would replace the part over the door, and the two corner panels, leaving just the window section left to do.

Well, after writing this first part several days ago, I got around to moving the cabinet today. I took down the top trim piece, but otherwise left the plywood up on the wall. I discovered I had good mounting points at the top, so the walls are status quo for now. I then did a trial mounting of a couple of hose mounts on the cabinet and ceiling for the Bosch vac hose. This will be handy for doing Domino or sanding work on the workbench, but I am still evaluating.

Hopefully at some point this weekend I can get the contents of the cabinet back in it, then I can move the drill press to the final spot. So much work just to move one thing – there wasn’t anything in the way on the floor, just on the wall. Once everything dies down I can take down the plane till and put the hardware storage above the lathe. We’re not done yet…

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