Round and round

OK, I’m back with a slightly different option than last time, and it’s all about circular motion. In this scenario, about four things trade spaces with each other in a counter-clockwise motion.

I’ll get this out of the way first: unfortunately, that big long counter-top I wanted can’t happen in this shop. Not with what I have. The simple reason is this: I can’t accommodate a double-depth systainer drawer. You’re talking about 28-31″ for the cabinet, and about that much again for the drawer to fully extend. 24″ of clearance at the least. That’s almost five feet in a shop that can’t get to twelve on an axis. Once I was honest with myself about that, things became a bit more clear.

I asked myself what I wanted to accomplish again. Having the MFT up against (or close to it) the wall allows the vac hose to be out of the middle of the room. That’s pretty nice, if I can sort out the clearance needed for the rail to clear. It should work, but I’ll have to confirm. The main thing is having enough meat for the saw to sit on once it completes the crosscut.

With the MFT going where the chaos wall is now, it moves over to the corner, on the right side of the miter saw. The depth of it should make for a good pair with the fence of the miter saw. I might have a removable little shelf to support cuts and to have repeat-ability. Something that could easily stow out of the way or be used for something else 99% of the time. The top of the chaos wall could be destroyed and replaced with cabinets, depends on if I need the clearance for the back of the saw. I still need to look at the exact geometry. I wouldn’t mind a bit of open surface there, as a nod to my unrequited desire for a counter.

It would be where the lathe is now, so it moves to the left of the miter saw. It would have a shelf over it that would stay for 99% of the time, and provide support and a sliding stop. This surface would all the way to the front wall. While I can’t use it as a counter because of the wall rack and need to remove, I can store some light and small things here temporarily. The air compressor can go back to being right by the door, next to the lathe. This also gives me room to rotate the headstock for bigger bowls and not be right up against the wall.

The last thing that moves is the router table, which is once again serving as a bit of an outfeed table for the saw. With the Incra fence, I might have to move the table a bit (or around) to clear larger cuts on the saw, but not a huge deal. The router table will be just the slightest bit under the table saw. Stock would clear the rails going back the other way, or if absolutely needed I could put an extendable clamp on the saw side and have the table at the ever so slightest angle up to help clear. Again, no big deal. In this location, I have full access to the drawers on the router table.

As I mentioned in the last post, I’d be moving the vac and separator, to what I think are better locations. The space under the end vise at the bench is wasted, and the vac would fit nicely. It would make for a short run to the separator, which would be under the table saw wing. This is a bit in the way when using the jointer, drill press or bandsaw, but it seems like everything is in the way to use those anyway.

At any rate, it’s a layout that requires minimal work to test out. The wall rack stays where it is, which is real nice. The workbench also stays. The biggest thing will be sliding the lathe over, and the stand is showing weakness at the base. I’ll need to drive some long screws to keep it held together nice and stable, and keep the sand in. I’ll also have to move the chaos wall, of which unloading and unscrewing from the wall are the only complications.

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