Router cubby

While I was gathering information and inspiration for redesigning the shop, I cam across a set of shelves for routers. I took what I saw as an idea and adapted it to work in my shop. Since I routinely make mathematical errors in my work, I took the opportunity to design this from scratch and make this my first Sketchup-derived project.

The render of the model is below, and you can find the Sketchup file here.


It’s not very conplex: three shelves, with a portion of the shelf removed to let bits hang below the base, two sides and a back. That’s it. It’s sized for 1/2″ plywood, and that should be all you need as routers and bases aren’t too terribly heavy. One thing I would change in the future is to size the shelves about 2″ wider so that the bases and routers wouldn’t have to sit diagonally. The wood is all scrap out of my shop so it was a $0 project.

I cut the pieces to size on the table saw, then used some tape to gang the shelves together to cut the holes. That was accomplished with a forstner bit on the drill press, and the valley was cut with the band saw. I cut the dados on the table saw – one on each piece for the shelves, and one on each side at the back to accept the rear panel. It was assembled using glue and I went a bit overboard with some brad nails. I used some nails on one top edge, plus some on the other side to mount the more important accessories that otherwise didn’t have a home.


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