Router table base – the details

The fine print is always what gets you. Have to read those terms and conditions as well. You also have to take into account the small details when it comes to designing a storage project.

The completed base won’t quite fit within the scope of one sheet of plywood. Not all the pieces, anyway. There’s two sides, the central support/divider, the bottom, and the back. Those are all the big pieces, and I could get all of them except one from one sheet of ply. With central fixed shelves, I could get away with doing the back out of thinner material, even 1/4″ ply. However, I do have a piece of 29×35 3/4″ ply that would serve as one of the sides or middle divider. That, and I have plenty of smaller 3/4″ ply that will serve to make up the two fixed shelves. So, boom! One sheet of ply will do pretty much what I need it to.

While I was out in the shop, I did a rough area dimension of what the drawers will be, and let’s just say I was way overthinking things. My Kreg setup bars, Ridgid bushing kit, wrenches, Incra driver, two push blocks, two bit guards and a cope/stick setup block all fit in the space. I don’t really have much more that needs to be stored besides the router bits. There is a router mat, and some featherboards that fit on the old router fence, and the cross-rout support block that came with the positioner. So, my plan will work just fine, and I should have some drawer storage to spare, enough to keep another router or two in a deep drawer and a systainer. Perfect. I should even have room to make a small little drawer that sits behind the systainer to help store some of the OF1400 accessories.

I’d really like the full extension slides, but I believe I still have quite a few 22″ 3/4 cheap slides that I may use temporarily. Because I’ll be using the LR32 system, I can switch them out within minutes. An extra hole or two in the side of the drawer shouldn’t be an issue, and I think the 1/32″ extra that the drawer needs I think I could get away with not doing. Either way, I am making the drawers to fit full extension slides, and if they don’t fit the 3/4 slides, I’ll order the others. I won’t compromise my vision and long-term happiness my making them one way and then having to modify or live with.

Depending on how I make the drawer fronts, and if they overlap will determine how I make the door for the router. It may overlap, it may be flush. I’d also like to edge the exposed plywood with hardwood like I did for the finish cabinet, but we’ll see. I’d do a face frame, but am not comfortable doing that with drawer slides. In fact, I just ordered a 60° edge banding bit set for this and all future projects. It will be interesting to give it a shot on this project.

I think I could have the base done in about an eight hour day, if everything went as planned, not including picking up the material. When that will be will depend on if I want to combine runs for this and the bookcase I want to build for the house.

I think I may just do one project at a time, so I’m not tripping over stuff. Besides, I may need a sheet of 1/2″ to start making drawers.

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