Router table – Drawer Bank (complete)

Construction is complete on the bank of drawers. The only things left to do is to do a light sanding and put some finish on, and replace the drawer slide on the top drawer. These things can be done as time allows, in between other projects.

When I left the shop last weekend, I had one drawer front left to put on, the one up top. I left it for last purposely, so I could properly size down the piece needed. That was my first thing I did in the shop today, using the table saw since the track saw didn’t leave me enough room to secure it properly. I didn’t even bother to change out the rip blade, and I bet that contributed to the bit of tearout I got on the back side. Not too much of a concern, though. A quick 120 grit sand with the ETS 150/3 got rid of the pencil markings.

Thankfully, I had plenty of poplar trim pieces cut and ready to go. I swapped out the bit for its partner, the one that puts the groove in the plywood. After a couple of test cuts I got the height sorted out just fine. The fence depth was super simple, as I took a picture of my marking on the Incra positioner last time. I just set it to the same line and locked it down. I love this thing so much, and I’ve just scratched the surface of the capability. Again I cut the 45s on the trim pieces and glued everything up. It went much better this time, and only had a small gap on one corner that the putty took care of. The front went on and it was time to put the drawer pulls on.

Since I didn’t bother buying longer screws, I did the following to get it to fit. I drilled a tiny hole where the screws needed to go through the front, then used a forstner bit on the back to reduce the depth required. Then I came back in through the front with a drill bit that would clear the screw shaft. After that, it was all about getting the screws lined up with the pulls and put on. I had to take advantage of a screw clamp to massage the fit on a couple of them, but it was better than bending the screws. The drawer pulls are more of the enormous stock of grey Ikea items I got years ago.

With this part of the project done, there are two more big things. One, I need to put a door on the router area. I think I’ll do fiberglass/plastic for the panel, because that seems like the thing most people do. I don’t know if I have another reason, because I could certainly do a rail and style plywood panel. The other thing to do is make a drawer for the Festool systainers directly below the router. After that, it’s all about upgrades to the top and plate, when I so choose. This project has turned out to be one of the best things I’ve done, all because I meticulously planned it, and mostly took my time in the execution. I’ll just have to remember these things as I go forward to other projects.

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