Router table – Drawers (continued)

It’s been two months since I installed the drawers, which was pretty much the last thing I did before the big school push. I used two proper length full extension slides, one shorter length, and two Euro slides. The result was one where I couldn’t open a couple of them easily, and the mounting was all over the place. So, I bit the bullet and bought three pair of drawer slides for install the other day.

Before I get to the install, I have to talk for a moment about shopping for these. I, without too much variation, buy all my drawer slides from Good service, pretty good prices. However, you do have to plan in advance for anything you want. There’s also the matter of paying for shipping. The costs I suppose are reasonable, but it does elevate the costs closer to what you would pay retail locally. I worked it out that with shipping, to buy two 22″ slides locally would only be about $5 more plus tax to get it locally. Might as well do that. Once you get past two though, it pays to order. For three slides, I paid nearly $50. That’s about $16 more than ordering. So what I’ll end up doing here is returning a slide to the store. The top drawer has the shorter slide installed, but doesn’t impact anything as far as getting the drawers set up and drawer fronts installed. I’ll order the right length when I order the undermount slides for the systainer drawer.

That was a long way of stating that I’m only replacing the two Euro slides. I installed the bottom one just above the carriage bolt heads that hold the casters on. From there, I replaced the slides on the second drawer, and then adjusted the rest all the way up to have a bit more even opening. Being exactly even isn’t important because the fronts will be installed. Now all the drawers open and close so much easier, even if I still have to grab the bottom or top of the drawer to open it.

I did notice the top drawer coming apart slightly. I’m not sure if I used too little glue or what, but four screws took care of the issue. With the drawer positions taken care of, I could start working on the fronts. I selected an old cabinet side that fit the dimensions, and cut so that one panel covered all the drawers. It has a couple of holes on the surface, but perhaps I can fill with putty and sand. I’ll be using my edge-banding bits this time, unlike with the cabinet.

As I sit here on Sunday, I got as far as cutting the groove in the bottom drawer panel. I had to make some adjustments to the fence depth to get the bit to cut the groove without cutting the edges of the plywood. If you don’t, it changes how it contacts the fence, and then you get a divot at the very end. It’s okay, because I do have a good bit of wiggle room to get things right. The hardwood edging will add back the kerf cuts and then some, so I do have to cut by height down a bit.

The edging will be worked on at some point this week. I’m thinking of using this S4S poplar I got gifted, and perhaps do some sort of bead profile. To be determined. For now though, it was good to be back out there.

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