Router table update

Updates are getting a little farther apart, but unfortunately that’s what happens when you don’t feel like sweating your ass off in a shop with no aircon. It’s hot. It’s freaking hot. There’s more humidity in the air than the World Sauna Championships. At least it won’t kill me, which is more than I can say about the WSC.
So, on to any relevant updates. I really don’t know what I’ve left out to this point, because I’ve been really bad about posting pictures and profiling any day’s work. So I’ll tell you about the router table, because I said I would.
Table 2.0 looks like a movie budget that Michael Bay directed under: in pieces. Tattered, ripped to shreds. Pieces used to do other things with. In a word, dismantled. I wasn’t happy with the way I put it together, so I decided in the scope of a shop overhaul, I would make it right.
It’s a bit of Frankenstein’s monster, when it comes to the materials used. I bought no new materials for this project, everything was a leftover piece. Which is why when I get detailed pictures of it posted, you’ll see that it’s a bit of a motley crew – different grades of ¾” ply, including some “23/32” that I’ll never make the mistake of using again. I aspired to make the top be high enough to be used as an outfeed table for the table saw, and be the same height as the new shop tables I’ll eventually build. Instead of making a distinct toe kick, I opted to finally use my new heavy duty double lock shop casters – I’ve had these for weeks, so making a new table wasn’t done on a whim.
I built this table from the start with a better understanding of how to make drawers, and more specifically, how to put them into the cabinet. Instead of using mechanical slides, I used simple stops on the upper drawers/sleds and hardwood through dovetail slides on the bottom two drawers. The drawers themselves are nothing fancy, just boxes made with butt joints and screws, no glue. They are ripe for being redone with pocket screws or half-blind dovetails as my scrap pile progresses for the former, and my skill for the latter.
Just a couple pictures to show, with the drawers. Also a picture of an edge I put on a shelf for my parents. Just a quick run through the new table after doing a little bit of trial and error. Took about ten minutes all told.
Left to do on the table: do the face frame, do a bit of adjustments on the drawer panels (including making the upper and lower ones), a door for the router compartment, sealing up the back and working out a dust collection method. I can’t fit the safety switch until the door is made (going to set it into the door, I think).
The pics are in chronologic order. You can also see a big yellow box in the new drawer, I’ll get to that tomorrow.

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