Router table

I’ve been dithering for awhile on what to do with my table, if I would continue on or start over. Well for now at least I am continuing in with the current design. Functionally, it’s always worked fine, but I abandoned the progress when it wasn’t coming together aesthetically like I wanted it to.

I got a little time today and addressed some of my remaining tasks. 1/4″ ply finally went on the back of the vertical drawers to seal up that area. I used my laminate router (love that thing) to get it as flush as possible. It doesn’t yet cover the bottom, as I was just using what I had.

I also decided to cannibalize one of the top deep drawers to get my safety switch up and functional again. I haven’t felt as safe as I could have been with it missing. I’ll eventually remove the drawer all together but this will work for now. When I trim out the cabinet I will dress it up.

The last bit was putting in the dust port in the back, I’ll be able to hook up a tee and grab dust from top and bottom.

You can also see I’ve made great strides in recovering floor space. This was taken in the shop on a rainy day – absolutely everything is still inside and the table is rolled out from the corner.

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