School’s out

I finished my degree program. Yay, yay, yay. I’ll have my certification exam this summer, but other than that, my education is now on hold for at least a year. I want to go back and get one more, but that program doesn’t begin until Fall 2017, so I have some time off.

I started a blog yesterday not really sure what my shop motivations were going forward, but I quickly discovered the fire is still alive. It is starting to get warm here in Georgia, so if I keep the fire going all summer, it’s going to involve a lot of morning work. Unfortunately, that also interferes with the best time to get some outdoor exercise in. There will be some juggling, to be sure.

So, the shop! Nothing is new since I had been out last, except that I subscribed to Playstation Vue. It’s TV without the cord, so to speak. Not directly related to the shop, but it gives me some viewing options for while I’m out there. This replaces the Sling TV service I had been subscribing to. A lot more channels for a bit more money, but I can now watch my Braves slum their way to a 40 win season. Oh well, there’s other sports and TV channels to choose from.

Other than that, it’s been shop in situ. So I decided a couple of days ago that if I was going out to the shop, I’d actually do something. I bought three pair of 22″ drawer slides to make some progress on the router table. I’ll be posting an update on that by itself in a little bit. It felt really good to be back in the shop and actually accomplish something. I can’t guarantee any sort of schedule or content, but it should be a bit better than it has been.

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