Shop evaluation – part one

(Part two of the Working in 144 series)

Now that I’ve recognized I have a problem, it’s time to evaluate my choices and decisions to this point to see what can be improved, what can be replaced, and what can be discarded (if anything). However, the first question I need to ask myself is…

What do I want to make?

I have several projects that I want to make for my house. We need new bookcases to feed our ever-growing library of books and magazines. As much as we’ve gone digital there’s still no substitute at times for the feel of paper or the impulse magazine buy. Plus, we tend to borrow a lot of books from the library and those always need a place to sit, at least temporarily. One project I’ve wanted to tackle ever since we bought the house was closet storage systems. I could buy some pre-built melamine stuff, but I have the tools and knowledge to build them myself, so I should. I’ve also been tasked with a new dress-up closet, as the one we have now is woefully short – kids don’t just stop growing. That’s quite a bit of plywood projects just there. I also would like to take on a fancy project, a Morris chair at some point. I’ve wanted to build it for two years but felt I lacked the skills and tools to do so. The tools are there, the skills still aren’t. Neither is the space. I will need to rebuild the dining room table soon. I’m sure there are other smaller projects to tackle, but those are the main ones. I don’t expect to build kitchen cabinets for my house until a new shop goes up.

In part two of the evaluation I will talk about the tools and storage I currently have and the pros and cons.

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