Shop master plan – revision (ongoing)

I’m making some big changes to the shop plan, so I might as well call it a revision. No need for preamble, so…

The first thing is I’ve decided to retire my freestanding router table. It’s performed every task I’ve asked of it, but I think I can benefit from the added room. More aptly, I can benefit by not trying to make room for it to move. I could have probably gotten away with a smaller mobile table, but I’m not sure I would have liked the weight and feel of it. This can of course change, but I like the idea of using some of the massive real estate I have with the table saw extension as a router table. The size of it (depth) is only a couple inches off what I currently have, and the width is at least double. Only issues will be sorting out dust collection for the router, but I think I can manage. It goes without saying that I will have to completely redesign the extension table, something I had been anticipating for awhile. 2×4 construction is great for slapping something together, but I can do better.

Now the issue becomes where do I store all the bits and accessories for the routers. Since I want to keep the planer cart up near the front, and it’s going to be slightly bigger than before, a great spot would be in it. I was planning on storing all my bits in the Rockler hard foam rubber ‘trays’, and those would be easy to slot into a drawer or two. The collets and the wrenches are super easy to stash, and I may or may not be able to find a home for a couple of things like the router mat. The only other thing I plan to store in the planer cart is a spare set of blades and any accessories that came with the planer, plus the hardware bins. If the orientation isn’t right for the bins, I will find something else to be stored there, something I don’t need very often like a tool case or etc. I might also find room here to keep some of the vac accessories that I need to keep handy. Another potential option is to slide the air compressor in here if all else fails, but it has a good home already.

Moving back to the workbench, I am going to leave the lower shelf off for now. It seems a good place to keep the new separator I will work on after awhile, plus it has the possibility of storing both bins stacked on top of each other. If not, I will probably add a half-shelf for some sort of storage. Otherwise, besides coming to completion, no changes.

The front left corner won’t have many changes, if at all. I may move the door/outfeed table/sled over to the corner so I can access it easier, but only if it doesn’t move the air compressor (and by extension, the jointer) closer to the middle of the room. Behind the bandsaw or the drill press is probably the best spot though, as I can have that little wall to put something like a safety station at.

This was the easy part. The rest is a nightmare…

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