Shop status and short-term outlook

It’s a disaster.

I say that often, and it’s always true. Now that I have some good storage going, this time it’s not really about the tools. It’s the wood. I have so much scrap that it’s literally falling all over the place. My saw won’t slide up against the wall. I have a scrap bin that is full, the wall is full, and the corner between both is full. I have too much stuff. Stuff that, for the most part, is going to have to go.

So that’s the focus I’m going to have over the next few weeks, I think. I’ll be clearing out my scrap a bad or two at a time, and getting everything Spic and Span. This means probably for the immediate future there won’t be too much in terms of actual shop content, but I do plan on posting a few more reviews, some around the house projects and a few random musings as they come about.

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