Shop tour – July 2012 edition

On the eve (potentially) of a major build, I thought it would be nice to get the place nice and spiffy and show off what the status was after the latest stage of the remodel. Follow along with the pictures and I’ll share the things that were done and still need to be. We start, as usual, at the entrance and make our way clockwise.



The front left corner. You can see where I mounted the air hose on the ceiling right by the door. Also on this wall are the mounts for the extension reels and my radio/fan holster (now with a bracket for the broom). Up against the wall (with the black knob) is my portable miter saw station. Still feel the need to keep this, although I’d much prefer a spot more out of the way. Behind that is some scrap PVC. You also get a good look at my wall rack, and just under that is a little thing I took from being a drill bit rack and appropriated it to be my push pad holder. Not very well seen, behind the air compressor and the jointer, is the 1000w light stand. Well hidden, since I’ve almost never used it. Hearing protection is here right now, simply because I haven’t found a better spot. Suspended from the ceiling right above the table saw would be a better spot.



Moving down the wall you see the Central Machinery bandsaw, hot rodded a bit with a Powermatic riser and a better power switch. To its left I found a home for my 20g trash can, and behind that is a solid core door that I intend to use for bench protection/outfeed once the Holtzapffel is done.


On the wall is my router cubby. Here we start getting into the issues. I don’t have a better spot for my belt until the doors get done. The scrap cart really doesn’t have a spot, so it goes here for this moment. Perhaps the scrap can go under the bench when it’s complete. The old chisel rack with the old HF chisels is temporarily up on the wall by my router fence.


Here’s a good view of the back wall, left side. You see some French cleat that for right now is in limbo – the addition of a saw till and a hand tool cabinet will replace most of it. Not going to get into everything that is there, it’s pretty self-explanatory. The top of the lower cabinets still needs a hardboard covering and edge banding. Under the cabinet, to the left of the router table, is storage for sockets, drill bits/drivers, and my Ridgid OSS.


In the middle is the planer cart that needs to be redone to properly fit the hardware containers below. Chisels, screwdrivers, files and battery charging rules the day here.


Over on the right is the miter saw/modular tool station. Below that is the storage that isn’t complete for that. The drawers hold a variety of air tools, and smaller corded tools like my MFN and Dremel. Under the farthest right is my set of decent sawhorses. There’s 10″ blade storage and 6″ blade storage on the wall next to the clamp racks. The big wall cabinet has no defined purpose, except to hold stuff I haven’t figured out where it goes yet. You can barely make out my granite tile on the bench there.


Just another shot of the corner, and this gives a good idea of the small gap between the cabinet and bench.


That’s the right front corner, and is the biggest problem yet to be tackled. I put the detailing cabinet back on the wall for the time being, and most of what’s left in here has gone there. This is also the last part of the walls to be converted. You can see my expansive sheet scrap collection, and it’s a problem. Drill bits are temporarily up on the wall, and you can see where I keep my eye protection (just to the right of that green panel carrier).


Another shot of this corner. Way too many boards, and no upcoming projects that can really make use of them. There’s also a lot of MDF behind the drill press, and that just needs to be disposed of. The box on the drill press is the old drill press table I attempted to make, I may or may not resume that project. Depends on how much room I have for a table here.


And finally, this is the aftermath of the remodel last weekend. I’ve already filled up the trash can, and they just came. Will have to break this stuff down as best I can for disposal, and that will probably start this weekend.

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