Shop Tricks – Phase Two Preview

There wouldn’t be a phase two without a phase one. A new approach to moving things around has been very beneficial, and I’ll share my thoughts heading into the next step. I don’t honestly know when or exactly what will happen next, so a preview vs results is in order.

One corner of the shop is really looking well. I think the bandsaw and drill press are going to do just fine there. I have some plans for storage over there, but that will be discussed later. The focus now is on a combination of the left and rear walls.

There’s two main goals I want to accomplish, and I’ll have to sort out exactly how it will go down. The first main goal is to create more systainer storage. I am already exceeding capacity of my chaos wall if you count the grey Tanos systainers. I have nine Festool systainers (seven tools, two Domino tenons), five Tanos. The Festool routers are in the router table, and it’s fine if they stay there, but it’s also possible the planer or sander could fit in that spot. That would be a very interesting scenario if you could simply pull it out and use either one. It’s something to think about down the line.

Getting back to the systainer storage, I’d really like to do something similar to what I already have, just more. I’d like to go a bit shorter and use the top as outfeed for the miter saw, but I think that only works if I can make them double-depth. Fully extending those 28″ slides would be problematic though. It’s something I really need to look at in Sketchup, and take some very detailed measurements. If the double-depth works, that’s an absolute ton of storage room for all my Festool stuff, and anything that would work well in a systainer.

If I can make it as tall as the miter saw, I can use the area behind the saw much like I do now with the top half of the chaos wall. I’d try to make the part that is the height of the miter saw hold my Fastenal hardware bins. Maybe. I haven’t quite figured that part out yet. The Festool storage really does impact everything down the line, which is why the plans are very fluid at this point.

The miter saw will probably move a bit toward the exact middle of that wall. Now that I have a good jigsaw, rough cutting longer stock isn’t that big of a deal. That means the jointer moves more towards the door on that wall, and either the planer, sander, or both have to find new homes. I haven’t really addressed permanent solutions for either since I made the left side miter saw table. A long term plan for both need to be made.

Speaking of the left side miter table, I’ll be redoing that in some capacity. It’s entirely not straight and level, and that’s mostly due to how it’s attached to the wall. That gets fixed, and it will depend on what the right side looks like as to what it looks like.

There’s a decent chance one of those two tools, or both, end up under the MFT. If so, I’ll have to figure that out later on. Also, the old hardware storage between the MFT and bench will most likely have to go with the systainer drawers sticking out more. Right now the HCM is on top, and of course that will need somewhere to go as well. So many little things in my shop that need addressing and room.

Doing the double-depth drawers would be a pretty big investment, considering I still have the shorter length drawer slides on hand as extras, the longer ones are nearly $10 each, and it would be a significant amount of plywood in order to build. It’s something that I will have to think about for more than a few days.

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